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Welcome to the world's largest stolen property database


Report your stolen property for free. By reporting your stolen property on our site you will maximize your chance of its recovery worldwide long into the future.

Search for lost and stolen property for free. If you purchase stolen goods, they will be confiscated by law enforcement. Search our stolen property database before buying anything pre-owned. Simply enter the serial number or VIN # in the search field in the upper right of this page.

Store property information for free. Using our database you can store serial numbers, photos, and/or receipts. Simply leave the "report on stolen property" box unchecked in your user listing(s), and your property will not appear in our database as stolen or be viewable by the public.


Stolen Property Information


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Know Your Property

The best way to protect your property
is to know what you have.™

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Pre-Owned Property

Pawn Shops, Ebay drop-off stores
and users of Craigslist use our
stolen property search engine every day.

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Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies respond
directly through,
we DO NOT disclose your private information.

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